Thursday, October 21, 2010

SAF band sports day~[^^]

Me,staff ginny,ma'am jes and peiling^^
Band B ppl^^
As u can see,veryy pack with SAF BANDs!^^haha.
My detailed group!^^
some guys....haha.jk^^
Fei yang&jun xian~
Fhairil&master jaiz
My band A seniors.
haha.srgt danial and his fries!
My french horn senior,kah siong^^
Haha.dont be alarmed ppl^^
me with shades? A^^

Steven and master jais.haha.
Told ye it was packed.

hey ya'll~sry just updated the pics and mah blog.anyways,yea.this happen on 15th october,fri,9am~130pm i guess? luh.i dont have the pics at mah fb cause i look suckish,but u can see them from my SAF band friends.on account if u know who luh.haha.but yea,was took place at chevrons.haha.

this week,well,TODAY,did my ippt.damm tired luh.i failed,yet somehow happy.why?cause my standing broad jump improve even though its a fail.and my 2.4km as well improved even if i failed and collapsed.asthma in,i did improve alot rather than yea.nevertheless,i enjoy my life SOMEWHAT luh,i enjoy saf band.weird.haha.oh well~me still staying in.might end at 5th november.soon after i can take leave and go my sec school band!hehe.wee~childish huh?haha.jk.oh well~love ye all.hugs.

oh and yea,i really wanna thank one of my staff srgts.she really was so nice and she told me her story,and i,told mine.deep deep touching conversation sharing with her.Hugs to staff ginny~
hugs to all^^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New trainees~^^

hey all~so practically,booked in yesterday nite,and now iam in camp and i have sooo less time for my dinner!gotta go soon.but yea,today had new trainees~awesome luh.but 11 of em only.anyways today,had PT,but whats more awesomeness is i practiced my horn from 10am~123opm. and from 130pm~450pm.yea,WAO.awesome right?i mean,seriously,iam really happy at myself till my lips now feels veryyy weary from the pitching of notes and such.Just like the liquidity of the snail.(is that even a work?[o.O]?) yea.happy luh.but tired as well.and hungry!so i gotta go down now peeps~mostly thats all i wanna say?HAHAHA.oh well~peace out. and ouh yea!this friday we're going BOWLING~Wee~!haha.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Istana march:Check~

hey all,so finally of 2 weeks being in Band A,and lotsa french horn practicing,our istana COG march is over.overall,i kinda find it boring.really.for those who wld know me,to some iam humble,or i just straightforwardly say whats on my mind,or to some,iam just being proud,but the reason why iam saying this is,iam the kind of person who entertain crowds,peoples,audiences FACING the front.and not me marching,looking at my scores and just play for em.yea,it was SOMEHOW enjoyable,but nt really fun.BUT STILL!it was still worth it luh cause i now know i can play and march.haha.

so yea,this happen many hottt guys!and girls luh ofcourse^^! many tourists as was enjoyable to be able to walk down orchard road to yea.Equalness= I HAVE NO REGRETS OF YESTERDAY^^ yeaps yeaps. and wao!i got to wear my NO.1.too bad i cant post any pics of it now or such..haiz..can i remind this time that,MY BLOG MY RULE?so..yea..just a reminder to all out there THIS time. haha.sry some of u wont know who iam talking about^^ ouh well~let it be done whats done^^ kapish~haha.hugs to all.

oh yea,Iam LANCE CORPORAL already!Wee~hahaha.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

SAF band~Feast Day~W.W.west

Somewhere at chinatown^^
Feast day~
Singing at Bukitbatok~

hey all!sorry its been such a longgg time since ive update this damm thing.haha.i guess,the more you use it,the more it gets boring.thats why ive not been updating untill life of NS bmt is over,and i got into the unit called,SAF band.the name gives it everything already luh.BAND!duh.haha.initially i wanted,MDC,but i know i cldnt,but hey,what the heck,band is still fun^^. so yea,had to go through 2 months of training wing before going to any of the 3 ceremonial band,A,B or C. but yea,since ive graduated,iam now in,BAND A[^^].

another thing is,wao!i was just a recruit.but now iam a LCP!(Lance corporal).damm you for saying its just LCP[-.-]".haha.But still,did is NS.its higher than any sec schools out there dammit-.- BLEAH!haha.what else?....oh yea,wild wild west~singing.^^i got to sing there.haha.kinda fun even though i knew i flunk it=( still,must think positive,so,its fun^^

well,right now,i guess supposedly,my 1 year 5/6 months will be band bah.and hopefully studies.i mean,i aint getting any younger now am i?!haha.but still,iam the YOUNGEST in the whole band.hehe^^ happy bah~well,now iam right here doing my BO/COS duty at my yea,kinda using their com.haha.but yea,i still thank SAF band bah.they're wonderful^^well,till then,i'll see if i'd make another post soon kies?^^ lotsa love from muah~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

P.O.P from BMT~[^^]

Srgt Ming hui
Srgt lim yong sheng!^^

POP~!me and my sis.
HEY ALL!!!!!!!did u miss me?haha.firstly,so so sooooo sorry for the 5 months of not updating this blog.its not dead.just been slping thats all.haha.2ndly,ive actually alotttt of pics to upload and post it out here.however,i duno why the uploading in blogger is very i wld need you ppl to view my pics at FB instead :[ so sorry k?[^^]

ok.BMT,19 weeks. first 2months was intense running,swimming,aerobics,weight lifting,gym and such.not forgetting,a whole lot of push ups and crunches.wao..damm hell.but NS is still quite fun luh.theres our live range,our field camp,live grenade throw,SOC,IPPT,games day,recruits nite and OC's evening.everything is memorable^^. well for the happy parts i mean.[>.<] haha.

but yea.did u ppl miss me?haha.iam finally a private!no longer a recruit.haha.pop was just 2 days ago.kinda disappointing luh cause it was rain and not shine:[ no parade,no singing,no marching,no throwing of caps and crying of parents to see their big boy all grown up.sad sad..but still happy cause its POP ye know!its where u finally get out to that hell-ec-tic place(i made the word up.hahaha)

but seriously,i did have fun for those happy moments with my bunk mates,my funny wacky srgt yong sheng and srgt ming hui.not to forget,srgt haiqal the "CB" expert.haha.sigh..19 weeks.i guess,i just did it.i thought i wldnt.but i,i did lose alot of weight though.hahaha.
well,pics are at my FB.go see k?


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last Post before NS,feb26

Gonna miss my family.Damm i look suckish with the scarf.
Gonna miss my SFA
Yea.I look like a cancer patient.haha.well thats the last pic of me.I just took it today.
Love you all.

Damm.Have you ever wonder,or experience where you prepared to have a positive mind to overcome something that was to happen or come,but it comes closer..its so easy of how the positiveness would suddenly just Degraded down as low as it can go.and finally,its suddenly negative&fear. ever had that feeling?sigh..its like,you put all your thoughts to being happy,setting a + mindset that takes time,days,weeks,and months. but as all it seems to come,just a mere seconds,it just suddenly gave in,and..Lose.

yea.iam such a nagger.i mean,guys before me have come to pass that they've been NS before.applause to them.haha.i guess..iam still aint mature of what i thought i wld be.yea.iam scared.and iam not proud to say that,yet iam not being humble to say that either.i just go on with the feelings inside me.

sigh..for sure,iam gonna miss my bandmates.all of them.But i know this aint over of my life rite?for sure theres bound to have MORE difficult challenges set by god for me. i guess,its a matter of how you deal with it jason. once i step in it,will i ever be able to survive there?or will i stop,cry,pray&ask for help?

i mean,seriously luh-.- "God is good,all the time".iam still unsure of this since i got REASONS why i find this still crap.cause for sure,its not ALL the time.ive experience it.duh.but..why the doubt rite? there aint no fact that says i should believe in him.But..
To be mature..can it be POSSIBLE that,he really does help even if i myself believe its not all the time he would help me,but..the fact he helps..i guess hey.jason,Faith.
Facts dont leave any rooms for possibilities.But having FAITH IN BELIEVING..will sure to leave a chance of hope.

I'll miss SFA esther,micheal,joachim,my DEAR benjamin,chris andrew fidelius,jessica,beatrice,dom,veronica,hilary,GG,jasper,gabriel lim,alicia pang&teo,julia,issac,ah-ter,jonah,valeska,adrian,sonia,kyannda,my DEAR anjelica,benetta,my 2B catecism,gilbert,faustine,delphine,russel,jervious,brandon..and important-others-who-i-cant-remmber.
My fhorns-mem hamizan,wanyi,tze hwee,jamie,nurul,nuz,
My bandmates

My family:bro(john),mom(daisy),dad(angelito),dog(deilo)..and the one i love most,my grandma&sis.and someone else^^

My last favour everyone,wait,no iam not dying-.-!haha.but..i know you all are praying for me,but..i wanna ask,to rather pray for my family as well.sigh..

and..slowly YET,surely...i'll love you to God.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day~

Who will be my valentine?
Hey all!its been centurieS since ive updated!haha.well,its CNY and gonna be Valentines day~haha.both wanna kill huh?both red.haha.jk.anyways, or love?i choose love.i mean seriously,even if u dont have the money to date,well,love will make you full.And from what i see it,it aint corny,but thats me.bleah~anyways,if all ye had know,iam a person who makes for now,theres a poem for everyone to read^^

Bfore i continue,my life,jasons life is about a guy whos going NS just 13?or 12 more days?(feb26 NS) so yikes!haha.but nah,i will do my best~what else..a boy who is confuse about HIMSELF.those reading this part shld know why.HAHAHAHA.hmm..and,lets just say,i maybe M.I.A all this time,but cupid,shoot me down with ye arrow baby~let the lurve blossom,bloom&flow to the currents of the wind~^^ P.S,miss ye anjelica&muacks to the ppl i love,be it if your a GUY or GIRL,better take my muacks-kisses or u kena sepak from me[-.-]
I know that We've just recently met,But there is something that I must say.
I feel all warm and happy inside,When you are part of my day.

Though I know not much about you yet,Some things are very clear,
That each soft word that you speak,Can send my eyes to tear.

I ask if we can be more than friends,And make this dream come true;
Not a moment can pass in my life,That I don't think of you.

My dream is not perverted joy,That is not what I desire,
But to hold you in my arms this night,Would set my heart on fire.

I promise to watch and care for you,Till all the seas run dry.
I'll speak sweet words unto your ear,To save you if you cry.

Love is filled in my heart,From the beauty shown in you.
I hope you also feel this way,For I ask to be with you...........................................................................................................................
I never thought that I,Could feel this way about you
But when I look into your eyes,Deep inside I know its true.

A party so long ago,You kissed me on the lips.
And since then,I've had a feeling I can't seem to fix.

Since that day,You haven't left my mind.
And through everything we've doneI didn't know the feelings I would find.

For so long now,I've wanted you to be mine.
Theres just one question I need to ask

........................................................................................Will you be my valentine?
A smile to you is one right back
My love to you I will never lack
For my dear, why can’t you see?
That you and I were meant to be
Is it something I’ve said or done?
Or is your heart still un-won?
What do I need to claim that prize?
Which on its own has great size
And meaning for me, who defiantly cares
Not one of those that stands and stares
When you need that utmost help
I’ll be there, just give a yelp
You’re life to me means more than mine
And that is why you’re my Valentine

haha.well,i love you all my friends~and to those who are close to me as well.
huggies and muacks~
happy v-day~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

shes leaving,On a jet plane.

A listener..a friend..a girl-friend..but the best of all,an Angel,Anjelica.

Hey all.firstly,few more dayss to NS.feb pray for me.haha..anyways,19th Jan,3pm..was a friend of mine(ours) who left spore and migrated to australia.nah,ofcourse it aint of that.she be back in July i guess? yea.its cool.gonna miss her though.a real and true friend ive never had.thanks anjelica =]

the fun times me and her had.walking my doggy for a walk,sharing her stories and my stories with one another,letting our deep,sexy,fun,serious,sad,happy secrets and emotions and thinkings with one those who may read this,you might think this are rather a typical normal kind of bestfriend-girlboyfriend friendship.well,ur wrong.cause..she really mean alot to me.nope.ive NEVER had a bestfriend before.not one,not even when i was young.thats why..she was the only one who took that spot and someone who i could trust,to be the bestest friend and is the significant person to me.damm my english sucks.haha.cause iam kinda on the rush rite now.haha.if ur reading this anjelica,well,Miss ye girl.dont flirt with white guys ah!-.- only with me then you can.haha.jk.

love ye.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello 2010~!

new year party

*jason jealous-.-*
haha.iam such a good entertainer here."sige na"
OMG.had to walk to east coast pit sooo long
youth camp
hillary and jervious~cute luh he.

omggg.soooo sorry k?haha.shit.many things happen bah.didnt had time to use com.actually there was,but i didnt bother.haha.1st,on 24th december,we had a midnite mass at church and i got to play flute for 3 songs.and omggg first song i suck!cause it was sooo cold and i was nervous as well yea.omgg.but 2nd and 3rd song,its was quite ok bah.i got use to the coldness.after that,i slp at church!7 of us slpt at church on 24th midnite.and i went back home 25th december,rest.then slpt at my friend house again,and came back on 26th,sat.hahaha.busy me.

next,new year.OMG!happy new year and happy belated to my dad on 1ST jan~woooo.haha.what else..oh yea.actually i found christmas and new year kinda saddening for last year 2009 le.duno why.i guess i also miss philipines.when ur there,u WONT regret going there.cause they are really into party fireworks and such,neighbours sharing their food with one another.and i dont mean ur BESIDE in neighbour from ALL rows and from that village itself or such,will yea.miss philipines.

3rd, going NS on feb 26!yeahey~u will see me thin and build body liao.hahaha.girls and guys will like thats about it bah.these pics are january youth camp and juanita's new year party.[^^]and anjelica,i am SOOOO gonna miss u when u migrate.sad.the next post is will be and is dedicated to u.Next post,till then.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Esplanade escapade~

They're filipino TOP vocal instructors in spore.
And boy,do they sound SOO good!
DAMM!these voices caught my ears!awesome choir carollers!
This guy,is Ben[^^]
Taken at,"The bridge"

hey all~well this pics was taken i think sunday?
anyways went church at 9am.and wah~everyone one was at cate cute luh[^^] anyways,yea.some drama happened to me along the way,but its cool^^. after mass,went JP eat. there 8 of us,but nah.too many names to yea.its 3A&3B yea.kinda fun being with em.

soon after,went home.felt i bathed and then slp.i guess around 6pm i woke up and went to city hall to meet my friend Ben.haha.wah.very fun sia~we went to watch the vocal instructors singing is soo awesome!^^ totally loved it.went city hall,went esplanade,went victoria fun~ so yeaps^^

monday,14th.nthing much happen,but at nite went to SFA to meet joachim and have one on one with him.wait,it was a 3-HOUR one on wasnt his was mine.^^ i already told him,"If someone was to understand me,it takes 5days to do so".but oh well,he was persistant.but yet!i do enjoy sharing and he sharing with me^^

well,yea..NS next year FEB!weeeee~~~^^